English Proficiency Programme  (EPP) of IIT Kanpur which has been running since 2013 is now offering its main English course called “Practical English Learning and Teaching (PELT)” in online mode. PELT, consisting of four modules, is a self-paced course of around ten-month duration. This course has been developed for professionals, teachers, and college students. The course starts from a basic level and proceeds at a rapid pace to take the participant up to a professional level of English language.

The main features of the course  are:

  • One time registration for all four modules
  • Self-paced (faster or slower than the expected pace)
  • Each module (around 10 weeks) representing a different level of  English language proficiency
  • Individual certificate for each module
  • Progress to the next module is conditional: only after successful completion of a module, one is automatically taken to the next

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