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Nutrient management

Nutrient management

Sulphur : Safflower


Safflower responds to S fertilization in soils low to medium in available sulphur. Significant response upto 15 kg S/ha in Satara district anfd 30 kg/ha in Parbhani district of Maharashtra and in Malwa Plateau of Madhya Pradesh under irrigation; upto 30 kg/ha in Akola district (Maharashtra) and 45 kg/ha in Solapur district (Maharashtra) under rainfed conditions has been obtained.



Seed treatment with Azotobacter or mixed inoculation of Azotobacter and Azospirillum (25g/kg seed) could effectively subsitute 50% of recommended N needs of safflower amounting to 20 kg/ha under rainfed conditions in almost all the safflower growing regions of the country.

Fertilizer requirement



The recommended levels of manures and fertilizers for different regions are given below.

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