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Biotic stress

Biotic stress

safflower rust

Rust (Puccinia carthami)

Nature of Damage:

safflower root rot

Root Rot (Rhizoctonia bataticola)

Nature of Damage:

Safflower cercospora leaf spot

Cercospora Leaf spot (Cercospora carthami)

Nature of Damage:

  • Symptoms on leaves are characterized by formation of circular to irregular brown sunken spots measuring 3 to 20 mm in diameter.

Safflower alternaria leaf spot

Alternaria leaf spot (Alternaria carthami)

Nature of Damage:

  • Severe in irrigated crop and in warmer areas particularly under frequent showers of cyclonic cloudy weather.
  • Seed may rot and damping off of seedlings occur.

Chemical control of Ascochyta blight in Chickpea

Chemical control of Ascochyta blight  in Chickpea

Weed control

Chemical weed control

Pre-emergence application of oxadiazon 1 kg/ha or pre-plant incorporation of fluchloralin or trifluralin 1 kg/ha have been found quite effective.

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