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Title First Name Co-Authors Publication Year Attached files Post datesort icon
Working Together on Groundnut Virus Diseases D.V.R.( editor) 1994 AttachmentsAndURLsAction.pdf 2009-08-31 11:41
Estimation of carbon stocks in red and black soils of selected benchmark spots in semi-arid tropics of India Bhattacharyya, T. 2006 GT-AES Rep no 28.pdf 2009-08-31 11:58
Crop-livestock linkages in watersheds of Andhra Pradesh Subrahmanyam, S. 2006 GT-AES Rep no 29.pdf 2009-08-31 12:17
Influence of different landuse management on soil biological properties and other C fractions under semi-arid benchmark soils of India M.C 2008 GT-AES ReportRep41.pdf 2009-08-31 12:26
Chickpea kabuli variety ICCV 6 1988 RA 00124.pdf 2009-08-31 12:48
ICRISAT ANNUAL REPORT 1983 1983 Annual_Report_1983.pdf 2009-08-31 13:02
ICRISAT ANNUAL REPORT 1986 1987 Annual_Report_1986.pdf 2009-08-31 13:06
coordinated research on groundnut of Rosette virus disease D. McDonald 1987 coordinated_research_on_groundnut.pdf 2009-08-31 13:52
Development options for local seed systems in Mozambique Rohrbach, D. Kiala, D. 2000 Development_options_for_local_seed.pdf 2009-08-31 13:58
Efficiency and sustainability gains from adoption of short-duration pigeonpea in nonlegume - based cropping systems M.C.S.( editor ) 1999 efficiency_and_sustainability_gains_from.pdf 2009-08-31 14:05
Alternative cytoplasmic male sterility systems in sorghum and their utilization A.A. ( A. Ashok Kumar ) 2008 Alternative cytoplasmic male.pdf 2009-08-31 14:11
Industrial utilization of sorghum in India Ulrich Kleih 2000 Industrial_utilization_of_sorghum_in_India.pdf 2009-08-31 14:18
Sorghum Variety ICSV 1 PMD8.pdf 2009-08-31 14:41
Integrated management of watersheds for agricultural diversification and sustainable livelihoods in Eastern and Central Africa: lessons and experiences from semi-arid South Asia: proceedings of the International Workshop Shiferaw, B. Rao, K.P.C. 2006 Integrated_management_of_watersheds.pdf 2009-08-31 15:08
The use of crop combinations in reducing K.G.K. 1991 Pages_29-30.pdf 2009-08-31 15:17