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Awareness Programme for Sustainable Development in Agriculture.
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Sustainable agriculture | Group communication | biological phenomena


Mukherjee D

It is axiomatic that agriculture must be "sustainable" at some predetermined, practical level of acceptability to support the world's current and ever burgeoning population. Sound communication is an essential ingredient for successful sustainable agriculture programme. Sustainable agriculture is a balanced management system that use inputs, both those available as natural resource as the farm and those purchased externally in the most efficient manner possible to obtain productivity and profitability from a farming operation while minimizing adverse effect on the environment. Sustainable development in agriculture demands foresight, common sense and good management decision. Awareness amongst the farmer is must for successful sustainable agriculture programme. For this proper communication is essential so that sharing of ideas and feeling in a mood of mutuality. Scientist and researcher share their thought and view with farmer through proper communication channel while communicating we must always have chief emphasis on the target audience and the material or medium used for the same. It is our effort to convince farmer about the usefulness and efficiency of this new approach. This can be achieved with the help of audio-visual aids, poster, leaflet, pamphlets and meeting etc. It should be our constant endeavour to improve our communication with the farmer in proper way so we fulfil our motives. Our motives are meeting the need of the present generation without eroding the ecological assets of the future generation is receiving top priority by environmental planner and agricultural scientist.

International Conference on Communication for Development in the Information Age: Extending the Benefits of Technology for All. 07-09 January 2003 Eds. Basavaprabhu Jirli Editor in Chief, Diapk De, K. Ghadei and Kendadmath, G.C., Department of Extension Education, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, (India).


drought| proteins| genotypes| groundnuts| tolerance| irrigation| drought stress| mycotoxins| planting| diffusion of information