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Title Type Post date Author
A high yielding line resistant to sorghum midge, Stenodiplosis sorghicola Journal 01/09/09 sandhyagir
Registration of sorghum varieties ICSV 735, ICSV 758, and ICSV 808 resistant to sorghum midge, Stenodiplosis sorghicola Journal 01/09/09 sandhyagir
Response of Selected Sorghum Lines to Soil Salinity-Stress under Field Conditions Journal 01/09/09 sandhyagir
Ten Myths about Tannins in Sorghums Journal 01/09/09 sandhyagir
Sweet sorghum - a potential alternate raw material for bio-ethanol and bio-energy Journal 01/09/09 sandhyagir
A survey of sorghum panicle-feeding Hemiptera in South Africa Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Direct somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis pathway of plant regeneration can seldom occur simultaneously within the same explant of sorghum Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Expression of antixenosis and antibiosis components of resistance to spotted stem borer Chilo partellus in sorghum under greenhouse conditions Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Seed dormancy and germination improvement treatments in fodder sorghum Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
An easy way to assess photoperiod sensitivity in sorghum: relationships of the vegetative-phase duration and photoperiod sensitivity Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Evaluation of sorghum genotypes for the stay-green trait and grain yield Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Economics of Improved sorghum cultivars in farmers fields in Andhra Pradesh Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Improving Income and Food Supply in the Sahel: On-Farm Testing of Sorghum and Pearl Millet Technologies Miscellaneous 25/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Agrometeorology of Sorghum and Millet Miscellaneous 23/10/09 sandhyagir