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Title Type Post date Author
Impact of germplasm research spillovers: the case of sorghum variety S 35 in Cameroon and Chad Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
A research and network strategy for sustainable sorghum and pearl millet production systems for Latin America Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Analysis of the economic impact of sorghum and millet research in Mali Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Improved cultivars of pearl millet in Tamil Nadu: adoption, impact, and returns to research investment Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Commercialization of sorghum milling in Botswana: trends and prospects Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Industrial utilization of sorghum in India / U. Kleih Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Evaluation of sorghum germplasm for resistance to insect pests Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum genetic enhancement: research process, dissemination and impacts Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Research spillover benefits and experiences in inter-regional technology transfer Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum and pearl millet disease identification handbook Book 14/01/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum insect identification handbook Book 14/01/10 sandhyagir
Striga identification and control handbook Book 14/01/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum Variety ICSV 1 Book 28/04/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum Variety MRS 94 (SDSV 1594) Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum Variety Pirira 1 (ICSV 1) Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum Variety Pirira 2 (ICSV 112) Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
Cereals and Legumes An Asian Perspective Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
Plant Resistance to Insects in Sorghum Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter Book 30/04/10 sandhyagir
Grain mold resistance in advanced sorghum B-lines Journal 01/09/09 sandhyagir