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Title Type Post date Author
Working Together on Groundnut Virus Diseases Book 31/08/09 Fatima Abedi
coordinated research on groundnut of Rosette virus disease Book 31/08/09 Fatima Abedi
Sorghum root and stalk rots: basic disease problems. Summary and synthesis Book 31/08/09 Fatima Abedi
Genes are Gems:Reporting Agri-Biotechnology Book 24/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Integrated Pest Management Research at ICRISAT: Present status and future priorities Book 24/09/09 Fatima Abedi
ON-FARM IPM OF CHICKPEA IN NEPAL Book 25/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Busseola fusca (Fuller), the African Maize Stalk Borer: Book 21/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Production and Quality Control of Carrier-based Legume Inoculants Book 21/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Early and Late Leaf Spots of Groundnut Book 23/10/09 sandhyagir
Pest Management in Stored Groundnuts Book 23/10/09 sandhyagir
Groundnut Rust Disease Book 23/10/09 sandhyagir
Coordinated Research on Groundnut Rosette Virus Disease Book 23/10/09 sandhyagir
Summary Proceedings of the Second Coordinators' Meeting on Peanut Stripe Virus Book 26/10/09 Fatima Abedi
International Workshop on Sorghum Stem Borers Book 26/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Host Selection Behavior of Helicoverpa armigera Book 26/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Groundnut Virus Diseases in Africa Book 26/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Transformation and Regeneration of Groundnut, and Utilization of Viral Genes to Induce Resistance to Virus Diseases Book 26/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Collaborative Research on Groundnut Rosette Virus Book Chapter 14/12/09 admin
An annotated bibliography of chickpea diseases Book 05/01/10 Fatima Abedi