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Title Type Post date Author
Technology options for sustainable livestock production Book 25/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Towards a Grey to Green Revolution Book 25/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Comparison of Farmer-Participatory Research Methodologies Book 25/09/09 Fatima Abedi
New Implements for Crop Production in the Semi-Arid Tropics Book 26/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Germinating the seeds of success in the semi-arid tropics Book 05/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Towards sustainable sorghum production,utilization and commercialization in West and Central Africa Book 05/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Chickpea Improvement Book 06/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Approaches to on-farm research in Asia Book 07/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Inter-Center collaboration at the ICRISAT Sahelian Center Book 11/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Summary proceedings of the ICRISAT/NARS workshop on methods and joint impact targets in Western and Central Africa Book 11/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Assessing joint research impacts Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Efficiency and sustainability gains from adoption of short-duration pigeonpea in nonlegume-based cropping systems Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Improved cultivars of pearl millet in Tamil Nadu: adoption, impact, and returns to research investment Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Beyond the gene horizon:sustaining agricultural productivity and enhancing livelihoods through optimization of crop and crop-associated biodiversity Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Impact of vertisol technology in India Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Integrated management of watersheds for agricultural diversification and sustainable livelihoods in Eastern and Central Africa Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Rapid generation advancement in chickpea Journal 02/09/09 sandhyagir
Isolation and characterization of novel microsatellite markers and their application for diversity assessment in cultivated groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) Journal 02/09/09 Fatima Abedi
Evaluation of chickpea genotypes for resistance to Fusarium wilt in Nepal Journal 02/09/09 sandhyagir
Improving Income and Food Supply in the Sahel: On-Farm Testing of Sorghum and Pearl Millet Technologies Miscellaneous 25/09/09 Fatima Abedi