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Title Type Post date Author
CLAN collaborative research in Asia: Needs and Opportunities Book 11/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Summary proceedings of the ICRISAT/NARS workshop on methods and joint impact targets in Western and Central Africa Book 11/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Diagnosis of key nematode pests of chickpea and pigeonpea and their management Book 11/01/10 sandhyagir
Measuring soil processes in agricultural research / Laryea, K.B. Book 11/01/10 sandhyagir
Assessing joint research impacts Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Methods and management of data for watershed research Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Efficiency and sustainability gains from adoption of short-duration pigeonpea in nonlegume-based cropping systems Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Analysis of the economic impact of sorghum and millet research in Mali Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Comparaitive analysis of seed systems in Niger and Senegal Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Beyond the gene horizon:sustaining agricultural productivity and enhancing livelihoods through optimization of crop and crop-associated biodiversity Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Methods for assessing the impacts of natural resource management research Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Impact of vertisol technology in India Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Integrated management of watersheds for agricultural diversification and sustainable livelihoods in Eastern and Central Africa Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Management for improved water use efficiency in the dry areas of Africa and West Asia Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Climatic classification: a consultants' meeting at ICRISAT Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India, 14-16 Apr 1980 / S.M. Virmani Conference Proceedings 21/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Improving the Management of India's Deep Black Soils Conference Proceedings 21/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Proceedings of the Consultants' Group Discussion on the Resistance to Soil-borne Diseases of Legumes Conference Proceedings 21/10/09 Fatima Abedi
International Workshop on Heliothis Management Conference Proceedings 21/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Second International Workshop on Striga Conference Proceedings 21/10/09 Fatima Abedi
Cereal Nitrogen Fixation Conference Proceedings 23/10/09 sandhyagir