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Title Type Post date Author
Information and Communication technology: Internet Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Integration and interactivity with in print media and electronic formats for Extension service Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Role of communication in enhancing Agricultural Production - a Vision Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Extension Approach for Agriculture Needs Re-orientation Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Message Development – A Process Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Reliability of Communication Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Silk Screen Printing – A Tool for Development Communication Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Innovative ICT Tools for Information Provision in Agricultural Extension (December 2005) Conference Paper 03/05/10 sandhyagir
Making a Sense of Sustainability through Information Management Behaviour Journal 15/04/10 bjirli
Career Dynamics Among Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students of Agriculture Miscellaneous 15/04/10 sharwan
Promotive Measures of Increasing People’s Participation In Development Programme Miscellaneous 15/04/10 sharwan
Communication and Empowerment of Resource – Poor Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Impact of Rural Road on Social and Employment Pattern of the Rural Communities Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Motivation for Research, Communication and Extension Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Communication Behaviour of Elected Representatives Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Empowerment: Perception and Realities Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Empowering Rural Community: A Study on Participants’ Knowledge About Total Literacy Campaign (T.L.C) Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Exposing the Interests: Decoding the Promise of the Global Knowledge Society In Australia and India Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Assessing Dairy Farmers' Opinion: A Noble Approach of Empowerment Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli
Communication Behavior of I.R.D.P. Beneficiaries Miscellaneous 15/04/10 bjirli