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Title Type Post date Author
Meaningful Communication for Individual Growth and Development in Organization Book Chapter 16/04/10 bjirli
Role of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms in Stsutainable Agriculture Book Chapter 16/04/10 bjirli
Sustainable Animal Production with Special Reference to Dairying Book Chapter 16/04/10 bjirli
Communication for Sustainable Development – Some Issues Book Chapter 16/04/10 bjirli
Information: the Basic Resource for Sustainable Agriculture Book Chapter 16/04/10 bjirli
Agricultural Markets in the Semi-Arid Tropics Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
Linking Biological Nitrogen fixtation Research in Asia Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
Evaluating ICRISAT Research Impact : Summary Proceedings of a Workshop on Research Evaluat ion and Impa c t Assessme n t Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
Improvement of Pigeonpea in Eastern and Southern Africa Book 29/04/10 sandhyagir
GIS Analysis of Cropping Systems Book 30/04/10 sandhyagir
Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (Rawep)- An Appropriate Model to Create High Quality Human Resources for Sustainable Extension Services Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Effectiveness of Rytu Mitra – An Innovative Farm Telecast Programme in Andhra Pradesh Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Making a Sense of Sustainability through Information Management Behaviour Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Corrective Approaches of Communication for Sustainable Extension Services in India Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Information System and Participatory Approaches for Project Formulation Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
LFA- Communication Approach in Enhancing Agricultural Production Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Most Credible Information Sources for Disseminating Improved Technology of Mustard Among Farmers Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Information and Communication technology: Internet Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Integration and interactivity with in print media and electronic formats for Extension service Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli
Role of communication in enhancing Agricultural Production - a Vision Conference Paper 23/04/10 bjirli