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 Poison bait

What is a Poison Bait?

  • It is the combination of Bait + Poison

Why it is used ?

  • It is useful against nocturnal insects like Spodoptera litura  and Mythimna separata

How it is prepared and used?

Ingredients (for one hectare):

1. Rice /Wheat Bran - 50 kg

2. Jaggery - 05 kg

3. Monocrotophos - 625 ml

4. Water- Approx. 4.0 l n

Procedure for preparation:

  • Dissolve jaggery in little quantity of water nMix Monocrotophos in this water
  • Wet the bran with water nMix jaggery + Monocrotophos solution to bran
  • Mix them thoroughly till it becomes friable stage
  • Hands should be covered with gloves while mixing
  • Ferment the bran by storing in a gunny bag overnight

How to use the poison bait?

  • Bait prepared should be broadcasted in the field during evening hours.

What are the precautions to be taken after its application?

  • After application up to 48 hours poultry birds and small animals should not be allowed into the field.


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