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Revision of Agricultural operation to be done in Cereals during March in Hills of Uttrakhand from Mon, 08/02/2010 - 09:49

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Agricultural operation To be done in Cereals

Month: March

Dr. Deepali Tewari Pandey




Wheat, Jau

  • Give irrigation. Spray 2% urea solution
  • For the management of rust, smut and blight spray Mancozeb @ 40 gm/nali in 20 liter water.

Chickpea, Pea, Masoor

  • Give irrigation at pod filling stage.
  • For the management of leaf miner, pod borer, aphids spray Monocrotophos 36 EC @ 30 ml/nail in 16-20 liter water.
  • For the management of white rot of pea spray Carbendazim @ 10 gm/nail in 16-20 liter water.


  • Spray Endosulfan 35 EC @30 ml/ nali in 16-20 liter water for the management of aphids. If required repeat the spray after 15-20 days

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