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Irrigated rice based cropping system



Irrigated rice-based cropping systems

Increased productivity of rice has been achieved as a result of  a combination of several factors, such as use of high -yielding varieties, irrigation, plant protection measures, improved cultural practices  and increased  use of fertilizer . Expansion of irrigation has helped raising cropping intensity and several rice-based cropping system have emerged over the last 2-3 decades in different part of the country . Presently, rice cultivation in irrigated areas  is characterized by input-intensive cropping system involving cereals, pulses, oilseeds, tuber and fiber crops. Development of photo-and thermo-insensitive varieties of shorter growth duration has facilitated multiple cropping and a wide range of crops can know be grown in quick succession . Intensification in rice- based cropping system through introduction of non- convention crops , short- duration cultivars  and intensive input management has led to higher land use  efficiency in irrigated condition . Several cropping system with high land use efficiency and monetary returns have been identified in different region of India in resent year   e.g.

  • Rice -potato -green gram   for western  U.P.
  • Rice -French bean - groundnut   for Maharashtra     and
  • Rice -sunflower  for Andhra  Pradesh.        





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