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Please note that this site in no longer active. You can browse through the contents.

Frequently Asked Questions - Interaction

This is the social interactions space for the agropedia users, which is based on web 2.0 technology. In contrast with the extension material it deals with contributed knowledge coming up through the active involvement of the users in agrowiki, agroblog, Forum and agrochat.

agrowiki is developed by using the concept of 'Wiki', popularised by Wikipedia i.e. everyone is able to search and create content regarding agriculture, and share it with their peers. Here one can also visualize and upload images in addition to text.

agrowiki is related to agricultural domain where Wikipedia is dealing with all types of information.  agrowiki is easier to use than Wikipedia especially in case of create a wiki page. It provides users a word document with a toolbar having all possible functionalities which are commonly used by them in creating a document. The authenticity of content in case of wikipedia is doubtable whereas in agropedia we have certified content under the category Extension Material. agropedia provides different features like blog, forum, chat, wiki to share and learn agicultural information and experiences but it is not in case of wikipedia.

To search a content on Agrowiki:-

Write the keywords of the content or the name of the topic in the search box available on the right hand side of the agropedia homepage

Select agrowiki from the options available and then click on search.



Click on  'Agrowiki' provided on the homepage of agropedia

A new page opens, Click on 'Create Wiki Page'

Create your wiki content and Click on the 'Save' button given below




If you are a registered user of agropedia site then you can write articles.

Any existing content can be modified or edited by all the registered users of agropedia. They just have to select the content where they will get the edit option through which they can edit the content.

If it is not relevant in the agricultural context or there is something wrong in the article then the agropedia administrator can delete the article.

Write the user's name in the general search option, given at the top corner of the window, then search. It will open a search result page. At the top of this page, there is an option 'Users' next to 'Help' and 'Content'. Click on 'Users' the search result will give you the link for that user's profile. Here at the end of the page you get the link for his blog.

There is no direct search option for content under blog. Search option is avaliable on the right hand side of the agropedia homepage.


 To create a Blog entry:-

 Click on the 'Agroblog' and a new page will open.

 Click on 'Create Blog Entry to create content.

 Write your blog and the click on the 'Save' button.

 Only the registered users are able to create blog entry and add comments.

There is no such search option for content under forum. By clicking on the relevant forum crop you can get your desired content or you can take help of the 'Specific search' option given under the general search option of the agropedia site.

Click on Forum; then click on Post new forum topic to put your question.

Click on Forum; select the topic for which you want to give a reply (or comment) and then click on the reply or add new comment option.

Only the consortium partners have the authority to upload content in the Extension Material. The UAS- Dharwad and ZPD-IV, Kanpur, are the main content providers. IIM Calcutta, IIT-Kanpur and ICRISAT may also provide some content. However, in the Interaction section which includes Agrowiki, Agroblog and Agroforum each and every user can provide content on agricultural related issues. Contributions to the Interaction section are highly encouraged.

To create a new article in Agrowiki:

  • Click on 'Agrowiki' of agropedia homepage
  • It will take you to next page 'Welcome to agrowiki'
  • Click on the link below 'Create Wiki page'
  • Fill up all the Fields available and then click on the 'Save' button.

Yes, any user who is registered with the agropedia site can write in agrowiki.

If the article uploaded is not relevant to agriculture will be deleted by the admin of agropedia.

To add comment on any content of Agrowiki:

  • Click on the link at the end of the content 'Add new comment'
  • Write your comment on the box opened below
  • Click on the 'Save' button