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Please note that this site in no longer active. You can browse through the contents.

Frequently Asked Questions - Usage_of_site

agropedia basically has two types of search:- substring (basic search just like google) and the other one is semantic (tag specific-based on taxonomy). Now the search we see on the right top page of agropedia is a substring search: If you type rice fertilizers there, it will give some 4 pages (approx 40) results. But if you search it inside the section Library of agropedia which has fully semantic based searching, there we need to type the keyword which matches completely with tagset which are present in our taxonomy. To get the exact keyword first we need to click on either Browse search interface of Library page or Content Index search interface using these interfaces we get the exact "word" to be searched. Example:After selecting Rice in the first box we should write "basmati rice" which is a tag in our tagset and not just "basmati".

To edit any of the knowledge models the user has to send a mail to agropedia administrator or else he can post his comments/suggestions under 'Discussion on KM' (

To add comment to any content click on that content. On the lower right side you will find an option 'Add new comment', click on that and with an appropriate title write a comment to it.

To add link in agropedia content

Select the line you want to add link into and as you select the link you will see that the link icon is highlighted.

Select add link by selecting Insert/Edit link (Second row ninth button from right) from the toolbar of the document editor under add content option. One can also insert link through Insert link option given below the document editor.

One can add image by selecting insert image from the toolbar of the document editor under add content option. In the insert image option (Second row sixth button from right) one can also resize the image according to the need. One can also insert image through 'Insert image 'option given below the document editor.

Here it is very easy to create a table as it provides all the functionalities of a word document. Click on the Create wiki page, and then click on the insert new table option from the menu bar of the word document (Third row first button from left) provided in the page. Here one can also insert a table through 'Paste from word' option (Second row fifth button from left), if he has already prepared a table in his word file.

To add content first enter into the specific type of content like library, crop calendar, dos & don'ts, agrowiki, agroblog, or forums for which you want to add content. Then click on add or create content option which will give you a document editor, having mostly common features of Microsoft word, through which you can add content.

Write the keyword you want to search for, in the 'Search' option, and for specific search, go to the 'Advance search' option.

Click on contact us (under footer) for details.

Yes, but can be seen only by the agropedia administrator.

When username and password are not matched, or provided incorrectly.

If a user is found to continuously provide unnecessary content, then he will be blocked by the administrator.

Click on 'Request new password' option displayed in the 'User login' space of the homepage.

Go to the User Login section given in the left hand side of the homepage and click on 'Create new account'. It will open a user account page. Fill in your details and submit the page, you will receive an email with password. It is suggested to change the password immediately.


Every one can see all content and comments with the contributor's name and the date on which he creates /edits.