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Zinc deficiency in paddy

Zinc deficiency in paddy

Symptoms of Zn Deficiency

  • Burning appearance of plants.
  • Reduction in growth.
  • Reduction in yields.
  • Symptoms appear between 2 to 4 weeks after transplanting in case of paddy.
  • Dusty brown spots on upper leaves of stunted plants.
  • Uneven plant growth and patches of poorly established hills in the field, but the crop may recover without intervention.
  • Tillering in paddy decreases and can stop completely and time to crop maturity increases under severe Zn deficiency.
  • Increase spikelet sterility in rice.
  • Chlorotic midribs, particularly near the leaf base of younger leaves.
  • Leaves lose turgidity and turn brown as brown blotches and streaks appear on lower leaves, enlarge, and coalesce.
  • White line sometimes appears along the leaf midrib.
  • Leaf blade size is reduced.

Preventive measures:

  • Application of 25 kg of zinc sulphate per acre in deficient soils at the time of last puddling should be applied.
  • Soil application of zinc proves better than foliar application.


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