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Zinc Deficiency of Groundnut

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

  • when soils are alkaline or low in organic matter,

  • under high levels of soil Phosphorus, and

  • when the soils are cool and wet during the vegetative phase.


Sometimes zinc (Zn) may be present in the soil, but not available to plants. A high soil pH, or a calcareous soil means that zinc is less available (soluble). Crops under these soil conditions may suffer from zinc deficiency. In zinc deficient leaves wider chlorotic strips are found. These bands will usually be on the leaf portion nearest to the petiole. Zinc deficiency also results in stunted growth, while young leaves are smaller than normal. Zinc deficiency symptoms may occur concurrently with Iron deficiency symptoms and the two can easily be confused. However Iron chlorosis extends to full length of leaves where as Chlorosis due to zinc deficiency occur mainly on the lower half of the leaves.

  Zn deficiencyZn Deficiency 1

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