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Yellow ear rot/Tundu- Bacterial disease of wheat

Yellow Ear rot or Bacterial Rot

Causal Organism: Corynebacterium tritici

Chief symptoms: Yellow exudate on the spikes is indicative of bacterial diseases .When dry, the exudates is white to yellow white .often the spikes and necks will emerge as a distorted sticky The early leaves may also be wrinkled or twisted

Control measures:

  • Use of seeds free from nematode galls or certified seeds.
  • Nematode galls can be removed by sieving or floatation in 5% common salt solution followed by washing thoroughly in plain water and drying the seed before sowing.
  • Temik 10G@20kg/hac or Aldicarb sulphon@2kg ai or Carbofuron @1.5kg ai/ hac at the time of planting or before planting needs to applied in severely infested fields.
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