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Workshop on "Application of Agropedia" on January 23rd 2012 at ICRISAT

"Workshop on "Application of Agropedia" on January 23rd 2012"

A One day Workshop on "Use and Application of Agropedia" was conducted by the Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Unit, ICRISAT and Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur on January 23rd 2012. The purpose of this NAIP-ICAR supported workshop was to explain and demonstrate the use Knowledge Management platform "agropedia", a digital agricultural repository. The workshop was attended by 20 scientists of ICAR -research institutes and State Agricultural Universities of South India.

Dr N T Yaduraju during introductory sessionMr G Sreedhar presenting Agropedia portal

Dr Kiran Yadav demonstrating Agropedia portalTeam ICRISAT with participants

Workshop was coordinated by Dr N T Yaduraju, ICRISAT. Mr G Sreedhar, ICRISAT, presented the Agropedia web portal followed by the LIVE demonstration of the same by Dr Kiran Yadav,ICRISAT. Mr Suneel Pandey presented the vKVK and KVK-Net followed by a demonstration on it. The participants were guided to upload the articles in agrowiki, agroblog and agroforum. All the 20 participants posted one article in agrowiki, wrote their experience about the workshop on agorblog and posed question under agroforum. Participants felt motivated after uploading their post on to Agropedia.

Dr Kokate, DDG (Ext), ICAR visited the closing session of the workshop. He has applauded the positive remarks given by the participants on Agropedia functionalities and has conceded to support the implementation of the mobile based agro-advisories in other regions with proper research agenda.

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Thanks giving

Dear Yaduraju sir and team,

Thanks a lot to you and your team for developing such a module and imparting training to scientists of research institutes and SAUs. As a participant I felt it a most useful site for the research workers like me. Popularisation of the site among the staff and students in various institutions is needed to have more knowledge incorporated in each of the sub themes. Similarly, efforts may be made to include other crops also.

Hope much more new things will be added in the days to come.

With warm regards and best wishes

Balachandra Naik, UAS, Dharwad

Thanks for Appreciation

Dear Dr. Naik,

I, Kiran Yadav on behalf of my whole team am thankful for the appreciation but the real success of Agropedia lies on its users like you. So, we hope that you will contribute to the Agropedia repository and motivate your friends to be a part of it.

Hope to see your posts on Agropedia.

Best wishes !

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