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Workshop on agropedia, vKVK and KVK-Net on 17 October 2012 at Anand Agricultural University

A sensitization workshop about agropedia was held at Anand Agricultural University, Gujrat on 17th October 2012 by members from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur  of agropedia team. The workshop was organized with a view to create awareness among the agricultural community.

35 participants consisting of  KVK experts from Gujarat and students of post graduate level AAU attended the workshop. It commenced with Dr. P.P. Patel DDE, AAU addressing the house. The workshop was carried out in two sections.

In the first session the genesis and evolution of  agropedia-the knowledge repository and its features designed to cater to the needs of Indian agricultural community were discussed. Debaleena Dutta (IIM C) demonstrated the whole site of agropedia.  This session concentrated on explaining the origin and evolution of agropedia. All the sections of agropedia portal titled 'agroblog', 'agrowiki', 'forum', 'agrochat', 'users discussion' and Krishi Vichar - the social science corner were demonstrated and explained to the participants. The field visit experiences was also shared with them. Abrita Ghosh (IIM C) explained the idea of vKVK (voice Krishi Vigyan Kendra) and KVK Net meant for KVK experts.

In the second session Dr. Sharwan Shukla (IITK)  conducted hands on training in using vKVK and KVK Net, to acquaint the participants with the working of agropedia dummy profiles in KVK Net was created to illustrate working of the Virtual Extension Advisories operating through Web to Mobile medium.  Next the participants were guided in using the  features of agropedia portal. During the session participants created accounts on, browsed through the contents on these sites. Participants also posted in agrowiki, agroblog and forum. They used agrochat for interacting with in house participants. The session was a bit disrupted due to server related issues but in spite of that it was quite interactive. The young participants were very enthusiastic.


The workshop was concluded with a quiz based on agropedia. The enthusiasm of the participants combined with joint efforts and cooperation of the institute the workshop was a successful event.

The ambience at the workshop revealed in spite of genuine interest of the participants the low internet connectivity, job & academic engagement of the KVK experts and students respectively may hinder adoption of agropedia as a regular habit. It thus signals development popularising events regarding agropedia on a regular basis which can be designed in consultation with relevant authorities.