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Workshop on agropedia portal and Knowledge model on 12 June, 2009 ,being held at ICAR

Inaugural session

Welcome Address by Dr.V.K.Bhatia (Director, IASRI). This workshop was the part of the Golden Jubilee Celebration (03 July 2008-02 July 2009) of the Institute.

This was continued by the Genesis of Workshop by Dr.Sudeep Marwaha(Workshop Convener).

Then Dr.PK Malhotra (Head, Division of computer Applications) talked about Computer Application at IASRI. He gave a brief introduction on how the whole computer system there at IASRI has been evolved since 1965 till date and also explained about the various packages that they have worked on and still enhancing them like

  • Statistical Package for Agriculture Research Data Analysis.
  • Statistical Package for Augmented Design.
  • Statistical Package for Block Design.
  • Statistical Package for Animal Breeding.
  • Software for survey Data Analysis.
  • Design Resource Server and many more are in pipeline.

This was followed by a remarks session by Dr. V.K.Gupta (National Professor, IASRI). He introduced the two Expert System developed at IASRI one is Expert Systems on Wheat and the other is Expert Systems on Extensions. In the end he also summarized the definition of Expert system as a System where we dump all human expertise and know experience to solve difficult or typical problems in a very short period of time.

And then Dr. Kiran Kokate (DDG Extension, ICAR) the chief guest of the workshop gave an inaugural speech. He focused mainly on Market oriented products such as Logistics, Warehouse, Trading, Market Demand, Weather Based Advices, Crop Doctor, Mobile Extensions for registered farmers, Cyber Extensions by KVK's, Sms based alert system, Disaster Management, Contingent Planning and many more. He also focused on Pulses Productivity as this is one of the product which country imports so we can adopt various methods to increase the productivity of pulses. Similarly he explained features regarding export quality of Pomegranate which is now considered to be a Super Fruit from nutrition point of view in the International market. Only India and Israel are the two major exporters for this fruit , As per the current circumstances Israel is ahead of us . Here also he discussed various methods to be adopted to increase the production.

Then started the Technical Session-1 (with chairman Dr.Sain Das, Director, DMS ) with the topic JAVA Based Expert Systems at IASRI by Dr. Sudeep Marwaha . He began his session with the introduction to this site ( which is being developed on Java Expert System Shell (Alternative to AI/LISP).

This was followed by agropedia session handled by Mr.Vikash Awasthi, Mrs.Meeta Bagga and Dr. Vimlesh Yadav.

Then went on the Technical Session- 2 (with Chairman Dr.Baldeo Singh, JD Extension, IARI) which included four major parts which started with the topic Expert System on Wheat Crop Management by Mr.K.K. Chaturvedi  which can be seen under this (

Then the workshop moved on to Expert System on potato by Dr. Shashi Rawat, CPRI(Shimla). This was a stand-alone system. Under this system users can search their relevant solution only after indentifying their potato disease through pre-existing photo gallery.

Then started Rice expert system for major pests and diseases by Dr. Sailaja, DRR  (Hyderabad). This was again a stand-alone system and not web based developed using VB and Access . This was also called Rice-Doctor.

Expert System in Horticulture, this was the last topic of the Technical Session-2 conducted by Dr. Chithraichelvan (IIHR).

Technical Session-3 included two presentations, first by Dr. Rajni Jain(NCAP) on Forewarning Crop Disease using Data Mining. Forewarning actually means an early warning about a future event. Data Mining role in expert system is basically to frame rules/trends based on previous records.

Then the same same topic was further explained by Ms. Alka Arora(IASRI). She further explained that how hidden information can be extracted from a database using appropriate mining tools. She mainly focused on the clustering section of the larger process 'Data mining'. She also explained how Data Clustering leads to Reduct Computation which leads to Computation and ranking of significant discriptors which further leads to Pattern formulation.

Major Suggestions for agropedia:-

  • Cross check of user's profile with their respective organization.
  • To contact IIPR and have pulses KM's and content into the portal.

Our Take Away:-

  • To have Map Based Search under Library section.