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Workshop on agropedia (engineers) 14th-15th July'09 held at IITK, Kanpur



Prof. T V Prabhakar (Principal Investigator ‘agropedia’

Prof. Runa Sarkar (Principal Investigator ’agropedia’ –

Dr. V. Balaji (Consortium Principal Investigator-

Mr. Rahul Goswami (Social Consultant)


List of Participants:


Vikash Awasthi (

Meeta Bagga (

Govind Murari (

Shriddha Mishra (

Amit Tripathi (

Rahul Samaddar (


            Vimlesh Kumar Yadav (

            Sharwan Shukla (

            Amrendra Kumar (


            Sugatha Chaturvedi (

            Mr. KK Dubey (

            Deepak Kumar (




Kalyan Sagar (

Jitesh (

Vibha (

Shashidhar ( 


Mahesh (


Gerard Sylvester(


Lavanya Neelam (

Bharati Soogareddy(

G.Shreedhar (


Prasad Rao(



The basis of workshop was to design few deliverables which the three teams of NAIP consortium would be jointly delivering in the coming 6 months of time. And also to find out some important drawbacks in the currently  running systems (both agropedia and aAQUA).

The workshop was started by a formal introduction session by the Leads followed by the respective Team members who demonstrated their sites and gave a rough idea about their work in progress and other upcoming technologies.



Post Lunch on 14th July the whole team for the workshop was divides into 4 groups, each group containing members from all the three partners (IITK, IITB, ICRISAT). These groups shared their ideas and exchanged their knowledge on ‘what stage is their project running currently and what roles they play in that’. After that the same teams were suppose to make their presentation regarding their suggestions on how can we work together (IITK+IITB+ICRISAT).


15th July morning each team presented their ideas and suggestion through PPT’s which was followed by mobile appliance demonstration by aAQUA.


            Post lunch on 15th July there was a very interesting cafeteria session in which all the four groups identified their leaders and  leaders being static and the other team members kept visiting the other three teams to design a concrete frame on ‘How to implement these ideas’


            And finally started the conclusion session in which Dr. Runa Sarkar gist out the important task which will be  accomplished in the coming six months of time. They are as follows:

- Sharing SMS between agropedia and aAqua

- aAqua link in agropedia forum (cross linking)

- Feed in agropedia on Market information

- KM Language Translation

- Advanced Workflow

- Landing search page for NAIP.

- Indian AGRO-‘O’