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Workshop on agropedia and Knowledge model on 28 August, 2009, being held at BHU, Varanasi


The Inaugural and Training session

Dr. T.V. Prabhakar, Professor Computer Science IIT Kanpur, was the chief guest for the event. The workshop was divided into two sessions. The pre lunch session included inaugural speech by Dr. A.K. Singh,H.O.D. Extension Education, welcoming the dignitaries on the dais, participants and the agropedia team. This was followed by presentation by Dr. T.V. Prabhakar. Dr. Prabhakar gave an in depth introduction about the vision and aspirations of agropedia portal. Clearly defining the concept of semantic web application he drew the distinction between agropedia and other websites on Indian agriculture.

This was followed by presentation and demo on agropedia portal by Mr. Govind and Amit. The session before the lunch was ended with the presentation and demo by Dr. Vimlesh Yadav on Knowledge Models. Dr.Vimlesh explained the usage and operation of cmap tool in complete details and explained the functionality of Knowledge Models covering all the doubts raised by the audience. This was a very informative and interactive session.

Hands on session (Post Lunch)

Post lunch was the hands on session that was marked by the active participation of the participants. This was a very useful session where almost all the participants created their account by their own, agropedia team just had to assist them a little. Many of them even wrote blogs and created wiki pages regarding the workshop. They also tried their hand at cmap tool for creating the knowledge models. They were looking forward to the time when we will have Kmaps on all important crops.

agropedia team also organized a small quiz at the end of the session. agropedia goodies were distributed to the participants who answered the questions. We also reached a milestone when we have got the 1000th user registered on the portal.

Feedback and Issues

  1. Questions were also raised on what criterion do we have selected our partners as in can't we include several state agriculture department information and some specific institutes like for example to get the content of specific crop to their NRC or other specific Institutes
  2. Prof. R. M. Singh have suggested, there should be content of state agricultural department seasonal manual and ICAR institutions literature on agropedia which are more location specific.
  3. The participants are interested to make knowledge models of different discipline in agriculture such as live stock and fisheries etc
  4. Crop selection was also asked as on what basis we have selected these nine crops (suggestion came that why not mango instead of litchi(fruit category) and potato instead of vegetable pea(vegetable category)) .
  5. To include agriculture experts from agropedia collaborators in the central government call centers(telephonic response for those who don't have access to computers).
  6. Participants were ready to provide the data but they were expecting some sort of authorized certificate once their data is published on the site.
  7. Many of the professors were excited to use cmap tool instead of ppt's for their teaching purpose.