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Wonderful Performance of agropedia: 87th All India Farmers Fair During Golden Jubilee Year of Pantnagar

WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE OF agropedia: 87th All India Farmers Fair      

Farmers Fair 


Govind Ballabh Pant, University of Agriculture and Technology has organised 87th All India Farmers' Fair and Agro-Industrial Exhibition at Pantnagar from March, 6-9, 2010.  The Fair is the grand event organised twice a year by the Directorate of Extension Education, Pantnagar. This Farmers' Fair is also known as Krishi Kumbh, where farmers from all over the country as well as from outside the country used to come with great enthusiasm. This time total 45,000 farmers from Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Nepal have visited the fair.

        Considering such a large gathering of farmers Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Directorate of Extension Education, Pantnagar have jointly put a stall of "agropedia" under the umbrella of the latest National Agriculture Innovation Project (NAIP) entitled "Re-designing farmer-extension-agricultural research/education continuum in India with ICT-mediated knowledge management".

 Vice chancellor (GBPUAT, Pantnagar), Dr. B.S.Bisht inaugurated the stall and experts from Kanpur and Pantnagar demonstrated the concept to the Vice-Chancellor. Dr. Bisht was very curious about this Agricultural Encyclopedia and he has congratulated all the consortium partners for such an innovative idea which will serve the farmers to a great extent with ICT application in farming.

Demonstraion to Vice-Chancellor


above said project has six consecutive partners viz. ICRISAT (Hyderabad), GBPUAT, Pantnagar, UAS, Dharwad, IIT, Kanpur, IIT, Bombay, IIITM, Kerala and NAARM (Hyderabad), ICRISAT is the Global Leader of the project. agropedia is a knowledge repository for agriculture desined and developed by IIT,Kanpur. In the first phase of agropedia, concept maps for 9 mandatory crops namely Pigeon pea, Chick pea, Groundnut, Rice, Paddy, Vegetable pea, Litchi, Sugarcane, Wheat were developed by ICRISAT (Hyderabad), IIT, Kanpur and GBPUAT, Pantnagar. The second and current phase includes the content uploading regarding the above said crops. The agri-portal is developed for the academicians, extension workers and the farmers.  So, for the better outreach of the concept a stall was put on in the farmers fair. It was seen that farmers, extension workers from all the thirteen KVKs of Uttarakhand and the students from GBPUAT and from other Institutes participated with a great zeal. The experts from IIT, Kanpur Dr. Sharwan Shukla, Dr. Awaneesh and Dr. Rahul Rai and from the GBPAUT, Pnatnagar Dr. Deepali T. Pandey (Associated Scientist of the project), Dr. Kanchan Nainwal (Associated Scientist of the project), Dr. Gyan Prakash Singh (SRF), Dr. Akanskha Gupta (SRF) and Ms. Kiran Yadav (ICRISAT Fellow) demonstrated the concept and the agropedia portal to all the visitors. More than 120 farmers, students and extension personnel get registered onto agropedia. All the registered users can get the important information about agriculture and can upload the content also.

        Not only the students, farmers and extension workers but employees of the University Library also showed keen interest and wanted to know and learn this innovative concept and they ensured about the adaptation of the concept in library in near future. The students gave their feedback that they can use concept maps for studying the whole crop in one window.




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87th Farmers' fair


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very good . we hope the

very good . we hope the concept of agropedia also popular as well as google.

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Thank you Bhoopesh for liking this post. Agropedia has a very long way to go. I wish for its bright future.

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