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Women In Agriculture

Women and Agriculture

women in agriculture

Agriculture being the traditional sector of India, women's role in this sector is significant. More than 80 per cent of the economically active women are engaged in agriculture and allied activities. This trend has not changed for the past 50 years.  Women grow half of the world's food but own hardly any land, find it difficult to get loans and overlooked by agricultural advisers and projects. Women are one third of the world's official labor force but are concentrated in the lower paid occupation and are more vulnerable to unemployment. Women continue to outnumber men among the world's illiterates by around three to two, 90 percent of the countries have organization for promoting the advancement of women but women are under represented in the decision making bodies. Women in India have always been discriminated against men in human resource development with utter disregard to their actual and potential contribution to the national progress in general and agriculture progress in particular. 

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