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Wire Worms And False Wire Worms in groundnut

Wire Worms And False Wire Worms in groundnut

Wireworms and False Wireworms occasionally cause damage to groundnut. Adult False wireworms (dusky brown beetles) occur on foliage and flowers. False wireworm larvae are white or cream, shiny, hard-bodied, and virtually indistinguishable, even to experts.

Wire worm Wire worm caterpillar

Crop Damage

The larvae of wireworms and False wireworms feed on groundnut roots. These larvae also feed on pods and seeds of groundnut.

Wire worm damage


Wireworms appear around pod formation phase. In areas where this pest is serious, drenching the soil with Chlorpyriphos or incorporating Carbofuran at 1 kg a.i. can help. This application followed by irrigation can provide better protection to the crop.

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