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Htmrmagrotech cooperative mixed produce farming:

Why choose agriculture farming?

  • A source of income that gives complete satisfaction in the true sense of the word ‘satisfaction’
  • A mode that creates employment and feeds employment
  • A source that permits barter to meet the daily needs of individual
  • A source that eliminates the word barren from life
  • A source that introduces the word nurse and growth in life
  • A source that provides from nature at no cost but your sweat
  • A source that unities nature, knowledge, science & engineering for growth


Each day you have been investing for your own self. You looked after your own self. Any satisfaction achieved. Now is the time for change. You continue to do what you are doing but now just set aside a small amount in fixed deposit as these are growing instruments and three years from now the cost of managing four acres met.

Your investment in agriculture is going to give many agriculture professionals an opportunity to grow, to experiment, to be equal partner, to own a company.

Your joining agriculture will give life to wastelands, growth to the nation, dignity to the farmer & turn all of us into a farmer.


Your small saving gives you the opportunity to turn farmers. Agriculture professionals here is an opportunity to turn knowledge in profit not just for your self but also to the nation and its people.

Does not waste time prepare reports on how much produce / crop you can grow in four acres? How many cows & buffaloes in four acres can be installed @ one per acre & we have 252+ acres. Study the susidies keep abreast.

Commercial professionals prepare the best way to form a cooperative where we pay our taxes & making honest tax savings. A cooperative farm formed with twelve investors + five professionals + four regular farmers + five non-farmers.  All such investments form a cooperative farm with its own bank account & government certificates & registeration & management an example.   

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