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Who is an Agronomist and What does he do

                        An agronomist is a professional with a versatile set of roles and functions which are essential to the sustenance of life and in turn benefit human society. Since the dawn of human civilization and ever since man gave up his nomadic ways of living and began the practice of cultivation, having outgrown the hunter-gatherer stage of his existence, agriculture has played a vital role in his eternal quest to fathom the mysteries of nature. Agronomists have contributed in no small measure to this evolving story.

                     Agronomists are fundamentally plant scientists and have through the ages learnt the mechanics of plant life, including soil, water and air which act as environmental components and therefore play a constitutional part in their life cycle. No matter what line of activity he undertakes the essential first requirement for an agronomist, as in any other field is an inner urge to learn and be inquisitive, he must possess a sound scientific temper and the qualities of a person eternally in pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

                    An aspiring agronomist has a wide array of options from which to pluck a vocation of his choice. In so doing he should never be enticed by mundane considerations such as perks and privileges or the number of job opportunities on offer. His basic inclination, preferences as well as his specific area of specialization will be the prime factors in dictating his options.

                    We can outline the role of an agronomist in terms of his  roles, skill-set  and qualities as follows:



  • academician(teaching) and researcher
  • farm manager
  • crop scientist
  • soil-scientist
  • plant pathologist
  • plant entomologist
  • breeder and geneticist.
  • extension worker


  • analytical ability
  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • decision making
  • communication


  • dependable
  • ethical
  • cooperative
  • stress tolerance
  • patience and persistence
  • adaptability



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