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Whitefly symptoms in sugarcane


Causal Organism: Aleurolobus barodensis Mask

  • Water logging and nitrogen starvation cause severe out break of whiteflies.
  • Summer droughts and dry spells during monsoon season also favour build up of this pest.
  • Varieties with broad and long leaves are more susceptible to this pest.                                                 
  • The whitefly infestation retards cane growth and reduces sugar content. At 80% leaf infestation, 23.4% loss in cane yield and 2.9% units’ loss in sucrose occurs.     

whitefly symptom

                Fig: Symptoms of White fly



  • The nymphs of white flies suck the sap from the under surface of leaves which turn yellow and pinkish in severe cases and gradually dry up.
  • Heavy infested leaves are covered by the sooty mould caused by the fungus, which adversely affects photosynthesis.
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