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Weeds and Weed Competition in Groundnut

Groundnut being mainly grown during rainy season encounters several weeds which grow luxuriantly and dominate during this season as compared to rabi/summer season. Weeds dominating in Groundnut crop

Weeds dominating in groundnut crop

Weed competition is maximum during the early stages of groundnut crop because of slow initial growth and less foliage cover.
As the crop do not grow tall weeds dominate during later part of crop growth also.


Tall weedsWeeds in groundnut crop not only compete with the crop for nutrients, water, and light, but also interfere with harvesting of the crop. Unless good weed control is achieved, substantial yield losses will occur. A reduction of 20 to 45% in yield due to weeds was reported from weed control experiments.
The critical period of weed competition is estimated to be 2-6 weeks after sowing. A variety of weeds are associated with groundnut crop. These weeds comprise of diverse plant species of annual grasses and seasonal broad leaved weeds.
The list of major weeds that grow in ground crop are shown with their images in the following screens

Common Broad-leaf weeds in groundnut

Botanical name   

Abutilon indicum 

Common Name

Indian mallow  

Alysicarpus sp. 

One-leaf clover 

Argemone mexicana 

Mexican poppy 

Celosia argentina  

White cock's comb 

Borreria articularis 

Button plant 

Gynondropsis (Cleome) spp 

Wild spider flower 

Digera arvensis  


Corchorus olitorius  

Jew's mallow 

Portulaca spp. 

Common purslane 

Vernonia cinerea > 

Little iron weed 

Leucas aspera  


Xanthium strumarium  


Anagallis arvensis  

Scarlet Pimpernel 

Bidense pilosa  

Spanish needle 

Eclipta spp.  

False daisy 

Ipomea spp  

Morning glory 

Tridax procumbence 

Tridax daisy, wild daisy 

Euphorbia spp. 


Amaranthus spp.  


Mollugo verticillata  


Common Grass (monocots) weeds in groundnut

    Botanical name   Common Name  
Chloris spp.   Fingergrass 
Digetaria sanguinalis  Crabgrass 
Dactyloctenium aegyptium  Crowfootgrass 
Echinocloa spp.   Barnyard grass 
Commelina spp.   Benghal dayflower 
Paspalum distichum  Water couch 
Eleusine indica   Goose grass 
Eragrostis spp.   Love grass 
Setaria spp.   Foxtail  
Cynodon dactylon   Bermuda grass  

Common Sedges in groundnut

Botanical name  Common Name 
Cyperus rotundus   Purple nut sedge 
Cyperus esculentus  Yellow nut sedge  
Cyperus defformis  Nut sedge  
Cyperus compressus   Nut sedge 


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