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Weed management : Sugarcane ratoon crop

Weed management in sugarcane ratoon crop

Three hoeing at 1, 4 and 7 weeks after ratoon initiation should be adopted for effective control of weeds in sugarcane ratoon crop. However, under limitations of manpower availability, cost etc. pre emergence application of either of altrazine @ 2.0 kg a.i./ha or metribuzin @ 1.0 Kg a.i./ha (800-1000 litre water/ha) followed by either of 2,4 D Na salt @ 1.0 kg/ha (600-800 of water/ha) or hoeing at 45 days after rationing can be successfully practiced. Further, trash mulching in alternate rows and hoeing in unmulching furrow at 1 and 6 weeks after ratoon initiation is also a good option.

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