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Weed management in Cotton

Weed management in Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

  • Keep the plots weed free up to 60 days as the crop growth is slow during this period and this is the critical crop growth stage for crop weed competition.
  • Three - four intercultivations at an interval of 15 days after 30 DAS helps in controlling weeds and acts as dust mulch in conserving the available soil moisture.
  • In rainfed situations weeds can be managed effectively by 2-3 intercultivations followed by hand weeding.

In transitional and irrigated areas integrated weed management proved effective in controlling the weeds. Pre emergent application of Diuron (80%) @ 0.5 kg/ac or Pendimethalin (30 EC) @ 1.2 lit/ac in 500-750 lits of water, immediately after sowing (with sufficient soil moisture) coupled with one hand weeding and intercultivation is recommended.

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