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Water requirements

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  • Litchi trees need regular watering and therefore it is essential that enough water must be available from the flowering stage until after the February/March flush following the harvest.
  • Because the edible portion of the litchi fruit has a water content of 86 %, the availability of water remains important during the development period.
  • A water shortage will delay development of the fruit and adversely affect the size, mass and quality of the litchis.
  • Irrigation must continue after harvesting to ensure that a normal growth flush occurs during February/March, just before the beginning of the dormant period.
  • During dormancy (April to July) irrigation should be reduced, but the tree should not suffer drought.
  • Young trees that are not producing yet are irrigated throughout the year.
  • Producers normally stop irrigating the trees during the coldest months of the year (June and July) so that they can have a proper dormant period. In areas where it is never very cold, irrigation should stop to force the trees into dormancy.
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