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Water Management in wheat Crops

Water Management in wheat Crops

Four to six irrigations are enough for wheat crop. However, crown root initiation and heading stages are the most critical to moisture stress. Depending upon the water availability, these should be applied as per the scheduled given below-

1. Crown Root Initiation (21 days after sowing) 2. Late Tillering (42 days after sowing) 3.Late Joinging(60 days after sowing) 4. Flowering (80 days after sowing) 5. Milk stage (95 days after sowing) and 6. Dough Ripe (115 days after sowing)

Among these stages, crown root initiation stage is most critical. An irrigation delay of 2 to 3 weeks in this stage reduce the yield by 5 to 10 q/ha.

If level of groundwater is well below root zone (about 100 cm) and significant rainfall is not received during growing season than 4 to 6 irrigations are considered optimum as demanded by soil type, local climate and variety type.

The border method of irrigation is most suitable for wheat crop as it ensures uniform distribution and high water application efficiency.

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