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Water management and Nutrient management of sugarcane

Water management in sugarcane-

The current total irrigation potential of the country is estimated at 113 M ha of which only 50% is under actual use. One tonnes of cane need 60-70 tonnes of water. The crop should be irrigated when available water reaches to 50% of level. Maximum water is required during tillering stage and during elongation or grand growth phase. There should be proper drainage in rainy season.

Nutrient Management in sugarcane -        

  •  During vegetation the sugarcane consumes many nutrients.
  •  Where yields of 100 ton per hectare are received: Nutrient dose given per ha is 120: 70: 200 kg N, P and K respectively.
  • The most active uptake of nutrients is observed during the early stage of the sugarcane plant, during tillering (from the third to the sixth months after planting).


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