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Water + Fertilizer ( NPK) Uptake per Seedling to Harvesting

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Calling Research AgriScientists

I need to tap your practical wisdom to search for per Single Plant-Rice Crops over the growth cycle from Seed to Harvest

1- Water Uptake /Transpiration Rate per plant ( millilitres/week x days graph )

2-Types/Quantity of nutrients NKP required at different time of the growth cycle ( Types N/P/K milligrams x days graph )

( Do understand that the consumption rate is a function of numerous complex parameters on both the environment conditions & plants species/varieties etc ).

If there is any OTHER research articles or publication on the the Growing Cycle per SINGLE PLANT Crops from Seed to Harvesting from a SEED of Crops

eg Cereal Crop eg Sugar, Maize, Wheat etc.

Vegetable Crop eg Tomatoes, Cucumber, Caliuflower etc,

Tuber Crops eg Sweet Potatoes, Western Potatoes, Yam etc

I will be very thankful if you can guide me to the sites with these information or anyone who can be of assistance

Best Regards in anticipation of a successful month

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