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Want to eat rice without cooking?

        Yes, it is possible with the new rice variety ‘Aghanibora’ developed by Scientists of Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI), Cuttack. It is an improved variety from Assam’s 'Komal chawl' category and it can be treated like other varieties of rice in India. It is characterized by low amylase content and becomes soft on soaking in water and is not genetically- modified variety. One needs to soak this rice variety in ordinary water for 45 minutes and 15 minutes in lukewarm water before eating. Scientists at CRRI have done extensive research for a span of three years and tested its nutritional properties, biochemical parameters and the ability to adapt in warmer climates and proved successful.This rice variety can be grown in all the eastern states of Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and coastal Andhra Pradesh. The duration of this variety is 145 days with yield of 4-4.5 tons per hectare. This new innovation is indeed a milestone in rice industry.With the availability of the seeds farmers can take up this variety as it is an already released variety. In addition it will help in saving fuel, at least for cooking of rice.

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Nice information. thank you. but what does 'Aghanibora' mean?  any studies that it wont upset your digestive system, since it is not cooked?

Fuel-friendly & Gender-friendly - Aghanibora Rice variety

Its is great news! Especially for (working) women. Even children can cook. Suits travel and picnics too!

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