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The Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK) Unnao is located at Dhaura which is a small  hamlet located in the Hasanganj Tehsil of Unnao District midway between the cities of Kanpur and Lucknow. The KVK itself was set up in 1999, prior to which it was nothing more than a piece of wetland full of sodic  soil and a more  apt term to describe it would be a salty marshland. The land itself about 20 acres in area was acquired by ICAR(Indian Council of Agricultural Research) from a private landowner. A lot of effort and resources were deployed to reclaim the land from a near moribund state.

In a span of a little over twelve years the KVK has modeled itself to become one of the flagship establishments under the extension scheme, in itself a well nurtured concept of ICAR for the benefit of the farming community. Staffed by about half a dozen Agricultural Scientists  from divergent sub-disciplines, it has been a steady and easy to access pillar of support both in terms of agrarian advisories as well as skill  and knowledge enhancement meant to equip and enlighten the local farmers about the contingencies of their occupation in which they have a major stake.

A noteworthy feature of the KVK are its well equipped labs and workshops ,a decently stocked library and adequately nourished farm resources. Among the lab facilities is a chemical as well as a bio-fertilizer lab which primarily function as testlabs. The Soil testing lab is equipped with some of the finest analytical instruments. The workshop facilities comprise of a vegetable and fruit processing plant which turns out various finished products such as pickles, jams and sauces under an FPO certification (Fruit Products Order) from the Govt of India. The farm facilities are pretty widely dispersed and consist of fruit and vegetable experimental farms, a greenhouse which is meant for field testing of new cultivars of papaya, guava, mango and chillies. A compost making unit is churning out quality organic manure. There is also a storage mechanism for seeds which works without power and is based on the principle of gravity which helps to circulate water around  a container covered with khus. There is also a dairy farm.

The ICT lab is equipped with a satellite receiver and a server with connected PC's as well as a Video recording and display unit.

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