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A Visit to KVK-Pratapgarh

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra -- Pratapgarh is located in the rural hamlet of Kalakankar, a part of the tehsil of Kunda, about 70kms from the city of Allahabad. This KVK falls under the Zonal Project Directorate-4 of ICAR, which comprises the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal with around 81 KVK's under its charge.  It has been rated as one of three best KVK's within the country. There are some distinctive features which sets it apart from many of the other KVK's. I wish to outline two of them

It has pioneered tech farming within the district which has immensely benefited the farmers not only in terms of enhanced productivity but also helped to propagate a radically changed outlook towards farming as an occupation ,a rarity within the Indian landscape. It has virtually altered the vocabulary of the farmer. The deployment of farm equipments has seen an exponential growth over the last few years. Laser based land levelers, Rotavators, Combine harvesters and  advanced tractors ,to name a few has pushed the district of Pratapgarh on to the agro-technology map of India. No description of the KVK is complete without mentioning Dr Navin Singh, a young and dynamic agro scientist, who has brought a novel touch to Agrometeorology with his sincere and unstinted efforts , aimed at broadcasting regular weather forecasts to the farmers right from within KVK premises , with the help of a precision software package which operates a forecasting device.

It has developed a unique system of reporting to the ICAR headquarters in Delhi. The annual report contains all the minutest details of its activities in an exclusive format for which it has won awards from ICAR.

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