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Vegetarian Village

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Dhondewadi, a small village in the Mandal of Karad, Satara district of Maharashtra is now getting attention by the researchers because the entire population (less than 1000) follows vegetarian diet (not even eggs) here. The village has around 600 hectares under cultivation and they grow mainly green leaves and vegetables. From the oldest to the youngest and even those who leave the village for jobs or to study elsewhere stay as vegetarians. The brides entering the village will also switch their diet to pass on the tradition to future generations. In the same way women getting married to other villagers will also maintain their vegetarianism. The villagers say that there isn’t an even single reported case of high blood pressure and diabetes yet where as neighboring villages have registered several health complaints. Krishna Shende 80-year-old says look at me if you want further proof, he cycles at least 40 km a day, at least twice a week, to villages outside Dhondewadi. Ninety five-year-old Vishnu Shende is another best proof, he spends his day by ploughing fields, fetching his great grandchildren from school and attending every single gram panchayat meeting in the village. The villagers credit their good health to the code of vegetarianism they follow. A group of students from the US and an Australian delegation team had come down to study the impact of vegetarianism on different aspects.

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Is Dhondewadi cultivating food organically?

Interesting post! Is Dhondewadi cultivating its food organically? Un Punto E Macrobiotico UPM of Marche region of Italy follows a totally organic diet although not strictly vegeterian. There also regression of lifestyle and incurable diseases like Diabetes and Cancer has been reported.

Very interesting post. I did

Very interesting post. I did not know about such village but would like to live in one like that. Maybe I will move to such community one day. 

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