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Varieties of Pigeon Pea: Haryana

State Haryana : Recommended Varieties

  • UPAS-120 - It is an extra early maturing (120-125 days) selection evolved at Pantnagar. Plants are medium tall, open and of semi-spreading type. Standard color is yellow with red streaks on it. Seeds are small (67 g per 1000 seeds) and light brown in color. The fruiting is well distributed in the branches. The average yield is 16-20 quintals per hectare. It escapes frost due to its extra maturity duration. It is most suitable for double cropping with wheat in the northern parts of the country. It is susceptible to sterility mosaic disease.
  • Paras (H 82-1) - This variety was released for cultivation in Haryana state. It matures in 140-145 days. Plants of Paras are medium tall with more number of branches and pods. Plants growth habit is indeterminate. The seeds are small, smooth and brown in color. Yield potential is 18-22 quintals per hectare.
  • Manak (H 77-216) - This variety was released for general cultivation in Haryana states. It matures in 130-135 days. Plants of Manak are medium tall and indeterminate in growth habit. Variety is tolerant to drought and wide range of temperature. Yield potential is 18-20 quintals per hectare.
  • Pusa-855- It is an improved early variety variety of pigeon pea released during 1993 for growing in Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and North Western Rajasthan. Plants of Pusa-855 are medium tall (190 cm) and semi-spreading having indeterminate branching. The variety matures in 140-150 days. Seeds are brown, round and bold (9.3 g/1000 seeds). Being bold seeded, the recovery of Dal is better, besides better cooking quality. The variety has been found moderately resistant to disease like :
  • sterility mosaic virus,
  • phytophthora stem blight and
  • wilt

Yield potential of the variety is 22-25 quintals per hectare.



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