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Varieties of Pigeon Pea

Recommended Varieties of Pigeon Pea

Several Improve varieties of Pigeon pea have been involved for cultivation in different agro-climatic regions. Varieties recommended for general cultivation in different states are furnished are table. The description of some of the improvement varieties is given below.


Recommended Varieties for Cultivation

Andhra Pradesh ICPL-87199,ICPL-87, LRG-30, ICPL-8863,
Assam Bahar, Pusa-9
Bihar Bahar, Pusa-9,DA-11, Virsha Arhar-1, Laxmi
Gujarat BDN-2, GT-100, ICPL-8863, ICPL-87119, ICPH-8
Haryana Manak, Paras, ICPL-151, UPAS-120, ICPL-88039, Pusa-885
Karnataka ICPL-87119, ICPL-8863, ICPL-87, ICPL-84301
Punjab Manak, Paras, ICPL-151,PPH-4 (Hybrid),UPAS-120, Al-201, AL-15
Rajasthan Manak, UPAS-120, Pusa-33, Pusa -855
Tamil Nadu ICPL -87119, ICPL-8863, ICPL-87, Co-6, Durga, COH-2, Vamban-1
Uttar Pradesh UPAS-120, Type-21, ICPL-151, ICPL-88039, Narendra, Amar-1, Amar, Azad, Type-7 Pusa -855
Madhya Pradesh JA-4, UPAS-120, ICPL-87119, BDN-2, KM-7, C-11, NPWR-15,BSMR-730
Maharashtra ICPL-87119, BSMR-736, BSMR-75, ICPL-87, ICPL-8863, AKPH-4101
Orissa ICPL-87119, ICPL-87 UPAS-120
West Bengal Bahar, Pusa-9, Sweta, B-517, S-20
North Eastern State Bahar, Pusa-9


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