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varieties for KARNATAKA: commercial crops

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These are the varieties of commercial crops especially for Karnataka state

  • Crop production practices for Bidi and Pikka tobacco: Variety: A-119, NPN 190, Spoorthy Bhavya Sree NBD-43
  • Crop production practices for FCV tobacco: Kanchan, Thrupthi, Rathna Swarna, Bhavya.
  • For Groundnut cultivation: 'S-206'  'S-230
  • Safflower cultivation :  A.I. variety
  • Niger:  NO-16
  • Sugarcane cultivation: Early varieties Co.740 and I.C.225, Mid and late varieties 'Co.419', 'Co.449', 'H.M.320 and I.C.26

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