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Varieties of chilli

Varieties of Chilli

Byadagi: There are three types viz. Kaddi, Davanuoor and Dabbi. Fruits- 12-15cm long, dark red, wrinkled and less pungent  suitable for export

Pusa Jwala: NP-46 A x Puri Red:

  • Plants similar to NP-46 A but less affected by virus
  • Pods: light green, less pungent, more curved at the end & good for salad          
  • Pod length:  15-18cm      
  • Yield: 70-80 q/ha (green)                                                     

Bhagya Lakshmi: (G4) 

  • Released by CRS, Lam
  • Leaves - dark green
  • Fruits- 8.2cm long & at ripening complete red in colour
  • Tolerant to  dieback. anthracnose and murda Av. Yield (dry)- 11.5q/ha (RF), 50q/ha (irrigated)      


  •   Released by UAS Dharwad
  •   Suitable for all regions 
  •   Fruits- 9-11cm long, suited for green and red chilli cultivation
  •   Resistant  to PM and anthracnose

Arka Lohit:

  • Fruit- dark green, smooth, straight
  • Suitable for both green & dry chilli in rainfed & irrigated condition         
  • Yield- Green-25t/ha, Dry-3t/ha
  • Duration- 180 days

Arka Abhir:

  • Released by IIHR, B’lore
  • Fruits- light green, wrinkled
  • Suitable for oleoresin
  • Yield(dry): 2t/ha
  • Duration- 160-180 days


  • F1 hybrid released from PAU., Ludhiana
  •  Suitable for oleoresin extraction
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