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Tungro disease management in organic basmati rice



  • Tungro stunts rice plants and changed the leaf colour to shades of yellow or orange.
  • Stunting is severe on susceptible varieties.
  • Infected plants usually have somewhat fewer tillers than healthy plants.
  • Yellowing stars from the leaf tip and extended to leaf blade.
  • Often only the upper portion is discoloured, young leaves may appear mottled and old leaves may have rusty specks of various sizes.
  • Diseased leaves contain relatively large quantities of starch.


 Vector and transmission:

  • Principle vector: Nephoetettia virescens, the green rice leaf hopper, N. nigropictus, N. parvus and N.malayanus while Recilia dorsalis transmit the virus at lower rate.
  • The virus is not transmitted through eggs, seed on soil nor by mechanical means.


  • Rogue out diseased plants.
  • Use resistant variety IR-20, Annapurna, indra, Vijya and Anamika.
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