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Transplanting in Paddy



Immediately after incorporation of green manure/one day after incorporation rice transplanting may be done. The incorporation of green manure crop could easily be done with the tractor drawn puddler. Depending on duration of the variety, 25-30 day old seedling of rice should be transplanted. Before transplanting, roots of seedlings may be dipped in suspension of Pseudomonas fluorescens (@5 g/l).

Generally transplanting at the four to five leaf stage or when they are about 15-20 cms high, should be done. As far as possible, delayed transplanting should be avoided because it leads to poor tillerings, early flowering of the main tillers and resulting in reduction in yield. In alkaline soils aged seedlings of 45 days old should be transplanted because old seedlings establish better than young seedlings of 25 days age or so.  Transplanting is done either by manual or by mechanical transplanter.

manual transplanting Paddy transplanter
Fig: Paddy Transplanter  Fig: Manual Transplanting

Spacing: Under good management and adequate nitrogen levels, the optimum spacing should be around 20x10 cm2. With excellent cultural practices, the spacing may be slightly wider, say 20x15 cm2 but under sub-normal conditions, the spacing should be slightly narrower i.e.15x10 cm2.

Planting geometry of 15 × 15 cm. (row to row × hill to hill) to be maintained in organic rice cultivation so that 1 m2 area has about 50 hills. Square geometry has smothering effect on weeds. 

Number of Seedlings per Hill:   Transplanting two to three seedlings per hill under normal conditions is enough. The use of more seedlings per hill, besides not being any additional advantage, involves an extra expense on seedlings. In case of transplanting with old seedlings, the number of seedlings per hill can be increased.

Depth of Planting and Directions of Rows:    The tiller buds formed at the basal node are not suppressed in case of shallow plantings. Therefore, the seedlings should be transplanted at 2 to 3 cm depth.

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