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Training/Workshop on agropedia and openagri being held on July 31, 2010 at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana

Training/Workshop on agropedia and openagri at NDRI, Karnal


Programme:        Venue: Mini Auditorium
9:30-10:00             Registration
10:00-11:30           Presentation and demo of Agropedia portal, Openagri & vKVK
11:30-11:45           Tea
11:45 -1:00            Presentation and creation of Knowledge model.
1:00-2:00               Lunch
Hands On:           Venue: Library
2:00-3:30              Hands On session (agropedia portal and openagri) batch-I
3:30-3:45              Tea
3:45-5:15              Hands on session (agropedia portal and openagri) batch-II




The IIT-Kanpur agropedia team organized a training workshop on agropedia and openagri  at National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI),  a deemed university, Karnal, Haryana on July 31, 2010.With the joint efforts and cooperation of the institute the workshop was a successful event. The workshop was organized with a view to create awareness among the agricultural people and the community as a whole. The main aim stands to let people know about this agricultural website browse it and seek the benefit out of it. Almost 45 participants attended the training workshop which included agricultural students and some of the faculty members who also showed keen interest by attending the whole workshop and knowing about agropedia. The training workshop turned out to be a successful one as it created a state of curiosity among the agricultural group of people. The participants looked very enthusiastic and waited patiently for the next session of the training workshop.

In the beginning of the workshop Dr. D. K. Jain, Principal Scientist of NDRI, institute gave a warm welcome speech. He gave a brief idea of agropedia portal, and focused on the components, features and the utility of the portal to the participants of the workshop. He also remarked the past training and workshops organized and conducted by the agropedia team at various locations and universities in India. Dr. G. R. Patil, Joint Director, Academic focused on the present scenario of agriculture and its allied sector and also including other streams like animal husbandry and dairying. 

The IIT-K agropedia team members who conducted the workshop included Mr. Rahul Samaddar and Mr. Nitesh Singh as technical experts, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh and Dr. Rahul Kumar Singh as  an agricultural experts.



Presentation & Demo of agropedia portal and openagri

A live presentation on agropedia was conducted by Mr. Nitesh Singh and Rahul Samaddar of IIT-K. In this session Nitesh demonstrated the agropedia site and laid emphasis on the various features and functionalities. He discussed on such points like components of agropedia, types of content it contains i. e. Gyan dhara (certified content) and Jana gyan (contributed content), the two kinds of searches Semantic search and Syntactic search available only in agropedia portal, Knowledge Models, New Releases in agropedia, Featured Users of agropedia which changes fortnightly and how this site is different from other agricultural websites. He defined agropedia as a stop shop for all agricultural related information which also enables the sharing and creation of agricultural knowledge by bridging the gap between explicit knowledge holders like researchers, scientists, experts and tacit knowledge holders like farmers and other field workers. He also demonstrated the methods of creating own account and become a registered user of the site, Add content in the Extension Material which consists of Library, Crop Calendar and Dos and Don'ts. Then comes the Interactions space were one can create or write their own wikipage in agrowiki, write a blog entry in agroblog and share any information related to agriculture, for forum topic query related stuffs are post a in agroforum . The interaction part also gives the facility of chatting through  agrochat were any registered user can do online chatting with the online agricultural scientist and do online discussion on any topic related to agriculture. The crop ten Knowledge Models (wheat, chickpea, pigeon pea, vegetable pea, sorghum, groundnut, sugarcane, litchi and safflower) were also demonstrated and their usefulness as a tagging model was also explained.

He also presented openagri-An Open Access Agriculture Research Repository is a much more focused research space provided by agropedia. openagri is a content management platform for hosting agriculture documents  and also explained the methods of adding contents and uploading pdf files in openagri. openagri is the new dimensions of agropedia were any registered user can upload anything and everything related to agriculture. In this section one can upload their Thesis work, Conference Papers, Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Books, and Conference Proceedings and much more. openagri repository is a open platform to submit any kind of agricultural published material

Further down the session Rahul Samaddar gave a brief introduction on the concept of Agrotags and Agrotagger which is also one of the important criteria of openagri. Agrotags is a proper subset of Agrovoc which enables semantic searching and retrieval. Agrotags are specially designed with tagging in mind and provides semantic interlinking between documents. Agrotagger allows assigning key phrases automatically from Agrotags.

Next comes the vKVK (Virtual Krishi Vigyan Kendra) which was also demonstrated by Rahul Samaddar of IIT-K. vKVK a simple to use platform that provides facilities like sending sms i.e   text messages  and voice messages directly to the productive and general category farmers  for the services like advisory, alert and private messages.



The Hands On session

The last session of our training workshop was The Hands On session and it was conducted in two batches by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Rahul Kumar Rai, Mr Nitesh Singh and Mr. Rahul Samaddar. In this session the participants get chance to browse through the agropedia site. The participants browse through the whole site and get familiar to the site, its features and functions. They are trained practically on the usage of the site, the methods of creating account, uploading content, and uploading image in content, writing comment or replying to a comment, creating wikipage, blog entry, and forum topic, agrochat, using multilingual editor and inviting their friend on agropedia. Some of the participants even shared their experiences in agroblog, agrowiki and raised queries in agroforum. In this session the participants access the portal on their own and check the features, functions and usage of the site demonstrated earlier.



Feedbacks & Suggestions

We also collected some feedbacks from our participants. Feedbacks help us in making our website more user-friendly and easily accessible by all.

  • Dr. S.L. Goshwami, Joint Director: initiated to develop subset of agropedia as dairypedia. NDRI may contribute for the same. He also suggested including allied branches of agriculture such as fisheries, poultry, apiary, piggery etc.
  • Initiated on developing knowledge models for all crops and also for vegetables, fruits and others.
  • For openagri:There must be rating/scoring of published materials on the basis of its importance/and value.
  • For vKVK:What would be the sustainability of vKVK after the project ends, like: who will send the messages?

             (i) Extend the area of vkvk beyond Uttar Pradesh and Uttranchal.

            (ii) Make provisions to send location specific alerts.


We admire the feedbacks and suggestions given by the institute and see how the things can be sorted out. Last but not the least we the agropedia team IIT-K would like to thank NDRI institute for the warm cooperation and support which helped in making the workshop a successful one.