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Training Workshop on agropedia on February 12, 2009, held at CSA, Kanpur

The Inaugural and Training session


Mr.Vikash started with a warm introductory speech as what are our main objective behind conducting various workshop and how the content added by various people from different domains will be helpful and further explaining the use of agropedia as well as giving a view as where do we see agropedia three years down the lane.

Mr.Vikash was followed by Meeta who explained the usage and the three important features of agropedia(Knowledge models, Extension material, Interactions). She also explained the navigation of the site. People were keen to understand the delineating line between semantic and syntactic search  which was effectively explained by Vikash and Meeta. Free tagging was also catching interest.

This was followed by Mr.Shrawan Shukla and Mr.Vimlesh Yadav who very well explained the usage and operations of cmap tool in complete details and explained the functionality of Knowledge Models covering all the doubts raised by the audience.

This was a very informative and interactive session.

During the lunch hour The Dean of the Dept. Dr.KN Dwivedi joined and encouraged us for such an initiative.

Hands on session(Post lunch)

This was a very useful session where almost all the participants created their account by their own agropedia team just had to assist them a little.

Many of them even wrote blogs regarding the workshop.

They were looking forward to the time when we will have content in all our nine crops.

Those who brought their laptops we installed cmap tool on their machines, those who didn’t we gave them the tool on their memory sticks and demonstrated  the installation procedure.